It’s time for me to come clean.  I have a nest. At least, that’s what my new husband calls it.  Really, an assortment of papers, scarves, books, and half-full water glasses that has accumulated next to my bed and slowly crept outward to fill the space in front of one wall of our room.  It’s gotten so bad, we’ve actually named it: Er-nesto.

Ernesto is more than just a physical manifestation of my laziness.  He’s my anxiety about commitment, my need for control, and my fear of loss all rolled up into one messy little package.  Basically, Ernesto symbolizes everything that keeps me from being a more productive human being.  The solution is simple: Get rid of Ernesto.

My pathetic attempts at filing

You’d think it would be easy for me to do this.  After all, part of my job is managing somebody else’s nest, and I do that with relative success. I’ve got all of the boxes and files I could possibly want or need, and I even have an empty bookshelf waiting to be assembled and filled.

What does this mean?  It means that evicting Ernesto isn’t a matter of buying the right things, or reading the right books. It’s a matter of a full lifestyle change.  What better way to start a full lifestyle makeover than by publicly declaring your intent to do so, right?

I know there is an organized side to me. It’s the part of me that loves grammar and straightens all the pamphlets on the counter at the coffee shop.  But, the truth is, I associate the neat with the boring, and I’m terrified of tidying away the messy, creative, absent-minded professor I envision myself to be.

My goal is to teach myself how merge the functional with the stylish.  To develop an organizational system that works for me and keeps me productive, but doesn’t make me feel like someone who would carry around an umbrella in Paris (if you haven’t seen Sabrina, you must—Hepburn and Bogart version, of course).  I suppose we’ll see what happens, right?