So, I realize this makes me the dorkiest of dorks, but on my birthday (today), I went to Officemax and bought myself a sweet cork board/white board for above my desk (and now I’m blogging about it, which takes the dorkiness to a whole new level).  But who cares!  It’s my birthday and I’ll buy office supplies if I want to!

Since this board now lives right above my desk, I’ve decided to use it more for inspiration than for messages.  The white board side will be a list of my goals, and the cork side will be for bits of visual inspiration.  Originally, I wanted to hang a painting above my desk, but I feel like this is better way to appeal to both the linear and creative aspects of my personality.  Plus, it’s a classic, but chic backdrop that can be easily changed with different moods and whims, which is perfect for a commitment-phobe like me (seriously, I don’t know how I made it to the altar).

So, here it hangs, a blank canvas just waiting to be bedecked with inspiration.  I even tidied up for the occasion.  The only thing is, I had to put it a little bit off center from my desk because of how the spacing of the studs are in the wall (which, by the way, turned into a saga involving my husband and brother in law both trying to teach me how to use an electric drill, level, and tape measure.  I don’t see a job in construction in my future). I have these two prints that I had intended to put above my desk before I got the board, and I thought they might be a cute way to balance the rest of the space.  What do you (literally you because I think there may be 0 to 1 person who reads this blog) think?

By the way, I bought the bird print here

Oh, by the way, I took all of these photos with my delightful new camera that the best husband in the world got me for my birthday.  Isn’t it cute??  I love it and it seems to be quite functional as well, definitely better than the i-phone I was using (which is what I used to take this picture of the camera).   I love my husband!