I found these lovely little items in the bay area at…wait for it…Office Depot in Daly City.  See, where we live, we don’t have an Office Depot, so it was pretty exciting stuff for me.   While we waited for our table to be ready at Koi Palace (my first Dim Sum experience…amazing), I danced up and down the aisles of the Office Depot around the corner, reveling in the different brands of office supplies. No really, you can ask my husband. This is exactly what I did.

I ended up with this sophisticated file holder, which is made out of recycled materials, and a lovely maroon color in person.

I also grabbed some of these delightful bird silhouette file folders to go in the case. Because after we chose our wedding invitations, which led to our birdcage wedding décor, I’ve developed a soft spot for stylized depictions of the creatures (but not brood of pigeons that live right on the eave above my window. No, not them at all).

Photo by Anika London

I must admit that the quality of the folders isn’t that great, and none of their cuteness is exposed while they are in their case, but I did have fun organizing all of the articles I’ve saved for this massive research project I’ve been working on, and now I have everything from the past few months all in one place.  Hooray!

By the way, the paper is on Huckleberry Finn incase you’re wondering about the file names